1″ ANSI Flange Digital Vortex Flowmeter

/1″ ANSI Flange Digital Vortex Flowmeter
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1″ ANSI Flange Digital Vortex Flowmeter

You may recognize the 1″ ANSI Flange Digital Vortex Flowmeter as the very same one being offered by the instrument equivalents of the “Big Box” stores such as Omega and Transcat… Only their price is much higher.

We invite you to order direct from the factory at our OEM level pricing…

The digitalvortex flowmeter boasts field proven sensor technology enjoyed in Europe and Asia, where their plant and building automation systems are typically far superior to those encountered in the USA. As such our production volumes are higher so we can pass those savings to you.

There is no need for start up tuning for low flow measurements and results in the most stable measurement possible for your clean, low viscosity fluids while saving you money on installation and cost of ownership.

With an installed base of over 30,000 Vortex Meters in many of the most critical applications this Digital Vortex Flowmeter proves itself in applications such as water, steam, condensate, chemicals, natural gas and other clean fluids.



1″ ANSI Flange Digital Vortex Flowmeter


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